Work on and with the unconscious


Analytic Treatment

My name is Shanna Carlson de la Torre and I work with individual adults of diverse backgrounds. I have a private practice in Lacanian psychoanalysis in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I offer analysis as a clinician and candidate-analyst in training. 

I will tune in to what's causing suffering in your life, working alongside you to unbind the signifiers that have stymied your expression of unconscious desire.


Symptoms and Crises

Symptoms and crises appear at precise moments in our lives, with logics of their own linked to the unsaid and the unspeakable. This is why the one rule of psychoanalysis is free association: saying anything and everything that comes to mind.

Dreams and the Untreatable

With the aid of your dreams, we will enter into the heart of what is not working in your life, exploring, among other things, what it is you want, and what is out of control--not in order to "cure" or get rid of it, but to free what's acting in it.

Speaking in Session

We will work with your dreams, symptoms, and fantasies; slips of the tongue, lapses, and "failed" acts; anxiety, demand, and desire; the unsaid and the unspeakable; and the out-of-language. We will follow these ruptures over time, seeking the logics at the heart of your suffering, and we will witness the solutions you create and the changes you make in accompaniment with your discoveries. 

Listening and Creating

I also have an academic background in literature, critical theory, and gender and sexuality studies. My experience teaching courses in French and world literature and queer, feminist, and transgender theory also informs the ways in which I listen and support what is creative--and what is writing and written--in my patients.

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